Growable Utility NFTs


Your visa to the Babel universe.

Free to claim
• Access the Community Discord
• Claim entry-level BabelDrops
• Access Online/Offline events
To grow:
Collect 10 Ecos to grow into a Sapling


Your residency in the Babel universe.

Grow from a Seed with 10 Ecos
• All Seed member's rights
• Can Grow badge into a Tree
• Claim more scarce BabelDrops
• Claim Tasks & Bounties
To grow:
Collect 20 Ecos to grow into a Tree


Your citizenship in the Babel universe.

Grow from a Sapling
• All Sapling member's rights
• Create Proposals
• List Tasks & Bounties
• Claim the most scarce BabelDrops
• Earn BabelDAO native ERC-20 token


The Active Energy

Complete tasks on Galxe
Eco is designed to power the BabelDAO members’ badge growth by rewarding activeness & contributions.

To upgrade a Seed to a Sapling, a Sapling to a Tree, one must gather the corresponding amounts of Eco to power the growth.
Seed Badge + 10 x Eco = Sapling Badge
Sapling Badge + 20 x Eco = Tree Badge


For Babel’s angel investors

Contact the project team for details


For creatives in the Babel universe

Submit this application form to be verified as a creative (do not require a badge prior)
•  All Tree’s rights


What is collaborative science-fiction?

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It is a Sci-Fi co-created and co-owned by many authors, in our case, the BabelDAO members. A good example of a collaborative fiction project is SCP.

Why make it collaborative?

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Because our original story(Babel) is about a collective intelligence, we believe it should also be created by a collective intelligence(BabelDAO). In this way, the story stays true to its spirit and gains a more vibrant life than a single author can give to it.

Why do it in Web3?

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The collaborative fiction projects before Web3 can achieve co-creation and some level of co-governance but not co-ownership of the IP (Intellectual property). We achieve co-ownership to compensate all creators by using the DAO structure, governance NFTs, and ERC-20 tokens.

What can I do in the community?

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We have guilds ranging from Writing to Visual art to PR & Finance. You can join any guild according to your interest and skills. Your guild will help you find your way into the project.

How do I profit/benefit from participating?

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We'll issue our native ERC-20 token after the initial community building. A part of that will be airdropped to Tree badge holders at that time. The token will go onto exchanges once the Babel Universe IP (Intellectual Property) gains public recognition (i.e. when the debut project is distributed on one of the major streaming networks).

How do I get compensated for my work?

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There will be three ways to get compensated once the debut project begins - Bounty, Grant, and Salary. Guilds will list out bounties that come with compensation for members to claim. On the other hand, you can apply for grants if you want to initiate a project. As for the constant contributors (i.e. Mods), a salary will be paid. Compensations can be in the form of USD, our native token, or a mixture of both.

Why are you called Server31?

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Server31 is the virtual planet found "heaven" in the original Babel short story.